I’m weary. This Internet dating stuff is downright brutal! I think I need to stop looking… It’s almost like every time I start to look I get so discouraged that the negative energy takes over and then I can’t keep an open heart.

Speaking of open hearts…

My little girl bought me an open heart necklace for Mother’s Day, picked all by her little 10 year old self from Kay Jewelers. I was so proud… But at the same time wondering if it wasn’t a sign. I’ve felt my heart close of lately, mostly because the last three guys I’ve gone out with have been total crash & burns. (and this doesn’t include all the failed phone calls and email convos started!) Maybe her gift, if I wear it every day will help me remember to keep my heart open.

But, y’all, the last three men I’ve met haven’t helped the situation.

The first just had no spark. We went out on a couple dates, I helped the guy find a job when he got laid off and then now he has to concentrate on his new job and not dating. Thanks, dude. Major props for burning that bridge.

Second guy was great on the first date and then on the second date was such a douche! Talking about how he guilts his mom into buying him stuff when he makes a 6 figure salary, screwing his ex wife into paying for furniture for their daughter. So gross. And didn’t walk me to my car in a dark parking lot!

And then guy #3’s pictures were at least 5-7 years old. Dude, at least be honest a represent your true self. Show the beer gut in the photos!

I feel like I’m attracting guys 20 years older who want a young wife or guys who just want to hook up. Aren’t there any real, honest, true men left??? It’s like couple who are trying to get pregnant. It happens when they stop trying… I’m very honest & open with every new person I meet. Maybe I should hold back & be more elusive.

What’s the concensus? Do I renew that subscription or slink off defeated once again? There was a cute boy who just winked…maybe just one more month.

Lady Luck, come on girl – bring it!!


~ by PoshmarkPaige on May 14, 2012.

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